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The Great Great Bleu de Chanel Review !



Bleu de Chanel is not a perfume to sample on paper (where it smells stunted and “sketchy”); it should be worn — and applied with a generous hand — to experience its subtle phases of development. Blue de Chanel has good lasting power and sillage, and to me, it smells more masculine than “unisex.” Of all the marine-sport fragrances I’ve sniffed over the years, Bleu de Chanel is one of my favorites and the only one I’ve considered buying for myself.


The following characters are the best match for Blue de Chanel Perfume.


Bleu de Chanel will serve you very well in any occasion; it could be formal or informal. On top of anything, this perfume will perform a perfect balance between two sides, where it will be suitable for the gentlemen on any occasion as it is not that offensive. The outcome of this fragrance is very classy, and it holds up the guideline of any event perfectly.


Bleu de Chanel expresses the character of independence and willpowerandthe spirit of a man who chooses his own identity. This perfume has an extremely word aroma, which provides a freshness that unfolds its substantial and powerful shade.

Positive Review:

  1. Bleu de Chanel was released back in 2010. At that time,it has come up with an aquatic genre of fragrance but reserved for cheaper brands. This brand always provides a fresh, cool and watery feeling.
  2. After hearing the name of Blew De Chanel, some words have derived from mind, which is Dark blue, inky, fresh, and classy. If users don’t focus on fragrance that much on how it smells, it reminds a fall day with fun plans instead of that. You will have a pleasant and energetic vibes, and women will love this smell if you use this fragrance. Again, if you a bad mood or busy day, then it would be hard to be dull after using this fragrance.
  3. Bleu de Chanel is very wearable. Though it does not have any “WOW” factor, but it has come up with worn fragrances without any realization. Top of the most it is reliability and adaptability. The central theme of this perfume is though it has simple fashion, but this perfume will do its fragrance effortlessly.
  4. This is the perfect autumn perfume. Especially with the office outfit. Others will get a light fragrance even in the crowd without touching anything.



For a woman, it is much easier to swim in a perfume’s ocean to find a product according to their interest. But for men, it is challenging to choose perfume, which is quite a bit of a struggle. You will hear a lot of controversial conversation about this perfume.

Someone will like this product, and someone will not. But it one’s perception of how they will accept the Bleu de Chanel perfume and how they will review this product. So as per our opinion, first, you should use this product, then you can share your review through your experience.